Dunlap Days

Association gears up for a big year and goes social!

Mark your calendars and check out the insert in this newsletter to learn more about these great upcoming events. Volunteers are needed to help with each of the events. Please contact the committee chairs if you can help (contact info on back page).
•    Saturday, May 12 – Adult Fishing Tournament (chair Walt Heck)
•    Saturday, May 26 – Boat Parade and Luau (chair Jim Seubert)
•    Saturday, June 9 – Kids Fishing Derby (chair Chad Martens)
Please keep up to date with activities around the lake by monitoring the Dunlap Lake Association Facebook page www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Dunlap-Lake-Association/264037857002809.

DLPOA Newsletter is going Green

To save money and the environment the Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association would like to get away from sending paper newsletters. If you have e-mail and are not already on the e-mail list (that means you did not get the 4-9-2012 message from Carolyn about local police catching youth with stolen boat batteries) please send your e-mail address to carolyn@dunlaplake.org as soon as possible.

Common Interest Community Association Act

In 2010 the Illinois State Legislature passed the Common Interest Community Association Act. This law pertains to all homeowners associations that levee assessments in excess of $100,000 per year. As you can see from the financial report on p.2 of this newsletter, the DLPOA is getting close to that threshold.

Once we exceed that figure, we will be required by law to revise both our By-Laws and Restrictions to comply with the Act. The Board will be working on re-writing those documents during this fiscal year and will have one or more membership meetings in order to explain the necessary changes and get your input.

Please watch for further information regarding these changes and plan to attend and participate in future membership meetings.

Silt Committee Report:

The Silt Committee, chaired by Craig Louer, would like to thank the homeowners who upgraded, repaired and/or installed shoreline protection.  Shoreline stabilization is a crucial part of a healthy lake and water quality according to both our consulting engineering firm and the local Corp of Engineer representative. The silt committee plans to get out on boats to review all of the work now that the water is back up.

The next step is to work with the consulting engineers to analyze the watershed and identify sources and quantities of inflow (and related silt and debris issues) with the hope of initiating some sort of upstream intervention to reduce the continuing introduction of silt and debris into our lake.

Working out an affordable dredging plan continues to be a priority. We are continuing to work with the consulting engineer and the local Corp of Engineer representative to identify and evaluate possible sites for silt disposal.  The evaluation will consist of examining permitting issues and costs for identified sites as well as construction of detention structures and costs associated with getting silt to the sites.  We are starting with an examination of land owned by the Association or Dunlap lake residents with the goal of establishing costs associated with each site and an estimate of the amount of silt each will hold.  At this point we intend to use the 2005 Watershed Study and Lake Management Plan prepared by Cochran & Wilken engineers to identify quantities and areas of siltation already existing in our lake.

April Board Meeting moved to May 7

DLPOA Board meetings are held at the Fogle House, 840 East Lake Dr. The Board meetings are held at 7 p.m. on the last Monday of the month. All property owners are welcome to attend.