Second Annual Boat Parade and Luau

The second annual boat parade will be held on Saturday, May 25. There’s no fee to participate and prizes will be awarded for best decorated boats in an island theme.

Due to the rain, the parade will begin at 3:30 p.m. at the Barnett boat ramp and make a lap around the lake. Participants should be near the boat ramp by 3:15. The luau will be held on the lake lots across from 121 West Lake beginning at 5:00.

Meat dishes will be provided but those planning to attend are asked to RSVP to by Friday, May 17, so we know how much to buy and grill; and, they are also asked to bring a side dish or dessert. Music will be provided by a DJ and the fire jugglers will be performing again this year after dark

Assessments remain the same

Three years ago, the Illinois state legislature passed the Common Interest Community Association Act. The law pertains to homeowner associations that levy more than $100,000 in annual assessments. Up to this point, therefore, it has not affected the DLPOA because our annual assessments are below that threshold.

However, at approximately $95,000 per year in assessments, we are very close. The law will require our restrictions and our By-Laws to be modified so we’ll be doing an overall rewrite in order to make them more clear and consistent along with meeting the requirements of the law. The modified restrictions will need to be approved by a vote of the membership so there will be more on this in subsequent newsletters.

Fishing Derby to be held June 15

The Dunlap Lake Youth Fishing Derby will be held on Saturday, June 15 from 8 to 11 a.m. Lunch and awards will follow. You can pre- register by calling Carolyn Green at 791-1398 or e-mail her at; or you can register in person on the day of the event at the activity area at the intersection of East Lake and St. Mary Drive. There will be three age divisions ranging from 1 through 19 and prizes awarded in each division.

There’s no charge so bring your kids or grandkids and have some family fun. We do need volunteers to help with the derby. If you can pitch in, contact Carolyn Green.

Fireworks display set for July 6

Fireworks are set for Saturday, July 6 with a rainout date of Sunday, July 7. The show will begin at 9:20 pm on the dam. The fireworks display draws a big crowd and it is dark and congested on the lake. Boat owners need to make sure that their running lights are in working order; they do not overload their boats; and they follow Illinois DNR regulations, found at

Engineering work to begin on south end silt basin

In 2009, the Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association worked with the city to create a basin at the south end of the lake near the intersection of East Lake Dr. and Gerber Rd. The idea was to slow the in-flow waters down and cause so much of the silt to settle in the basin rather than be carried into the larger lake area.

Under an agreement between the city and the DLPOA, the city funded the project and the association agreed to maintain it. Over the last four years, the basin has collected a significant amount of silt and needs to be excavated again.

Encouraged by the basin’s success, the Board of Directors has decided to improve on the original design in an effort to maximize its silt-trapping capabilities. We have hired our engineer, Horner & Shifrin, to conduct the planning and engineering necessary to expand and improve the basin; to excavate the E8 common area on East Lake; and to fill that common area with the basin’s silt.

As a first step, the association-owned property in that area will be surveyed to safeguard against encroachments on privately- owned land.

Over the next several months surveyors and engineers will be working in this area. Once a plan has been designed, a meeting of the general membership will be held to explain and answer questions.

Abandoned boats to be removed

Multiple unmarked, unregistered and unstickered boats have apparently been abandoned on common areas around the lake. Over the next few weeks, the boats will be flagged with notifications to whoever owns them that they need to be either properly registered and stickered or removed.

If the problems are not remedied by the owner, the Board of Directors will contract with a hauler to remove them. If you own one of these boats, please take care of it. If you know someone who owns one of these boats, please let them know.

All boats (pontoon boats, fishing boats, paddle boats and kayaks) must have Dunlap Lake stickers on them and they must be kept up to date. If you’ve bought a boat from someone on the lake, that sticker is no longer good. You need to get a new sticker that identifies you as the owner of the boat. Go to to get your sticker application or transfer form.

Emergency Action Plan updated

Class I dams like Dunlap are required by the state of Illinois to have annual inspections by a registered engineer; to be maintained in accordance with those inspections; and to have an emergency action plan in case of a potential dam failure.

The last emergency action plan had been prepared in 1990 and needed to be updated. The Board worked with the city to create the new plan. It will be posted on our web site,

East Lake Dr. reconstruction set to begin

Work is set to begin on the next phase of the East Lake Dr. reconstruct ion project which will extend the new pavement, curbs, gutters and sidewalks to St. Mary Dr. The tentative starting date is May 22 but equipment will be moved in before then. East Lake will be closed to thru traffic for the duration of the project.

The projected completion date is August 1 but the actual date will depend on weather and other factors.

Association acquires lot, will put it up for sale

The Board of Directors took legal action and ultimately foreclosed on a vacant lot at the end of Branch St. off of East Lake Dr. Multiple years of assessments had not been paid.

The property has been surveyed and the Board is currently working through some additional legal issues but once those are satisfied, the property will be put up for sale. It is a large, flat, buildable lot. The Board has not yet determined the method of sale but anyone interested should contact Al Ortbals at or 659-0232.

Building Permits

Building permits are required for construction of new buildings and structures as well as additions to existing buildings and structures. If you are planning some construction either you or your contractor should contact Carolyn Green to get the building permit process started. Her number is 791-1398 or e-mail her at

New Board Members Elected

Each year, the terms of five board members expire. This year those five seats were held by Al Ortbals, John Putz, Bob Schnietz, Mike Watts and Rob Wiemers. John, Bob and Rob have retired from the Board. Nick Head, Al Ortbals, Gene Peters,Todd Smith and Mike Watts were elected at the annual meeting to fill the five open seats. Chad Martens resigned from the Board and Andy Leek was elected at the annual meeting to fill out his term.

The first meeting of the new Board was held on April 1 du e to a snow cancellation of the regular March 25 date. At that meeting Al Ortbals was elected president, Mike Watts, vice- president, Craig Louer, secretary and Bart Solon, treasurer.

Board meetings are held the last Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at 840East Lake Dr. All members are welcome. The May meeting has been cancelled as it would fall on Memorial Day. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 24.