Holiday Social Set For Dec. 7

Mark your calendars! The annual Dunlap Lake Holiday Social will be Saturday, Dec. 7, at the Fox Creek Golf Course Clubhouse, 6555 Fox Creek Dr.
Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and dinner will be served at 7:00 p.m. The price is $25 per person, if mailed before November 26. The price rises to $30 after that.
Please make reservations or join the social committee by contacting Jim Seubert at; 779-1284, or Carolyn Green at; 791-1398.

Dunlap Lake Days November Newsletter

Golf Tournament Cancelled

The golf tournament that we had hoped to make an annual event has been discontinued due to insufficient registrations. It had generated about $800 each year which was added to the fireworks budget but the number of participating teams was insufficient for the golf course to close for the event.

Dam Inspection Completed 

Erosion behind/underneath a side wall in the spillway canal was backfilled with concrete. Trees that had fallen as a result of storms were removed. And the committee is making plans for a permanent platform and access ladder for the top of the drain silo.

The dam was then inspected by the engineering firm of Hurst-Roche. The engineers tell us that the dam is in very good condition and recommended on some brush clearing and reseeding.

The committee is making plans to remove brush and debris and reseed in recommended locations. It is also working to identify and repair any seams in the spillway shoot that need to be resealed and is looking at the adding rip rap to the dam.

Building Permits Required

DLPOA building permits are required for all new construction including home additions, decks, docks and out buildings. Property owners should not start construction until they have received a permit from the Building Committee and the City. If you have construction planned, contact Carolyn Green at 618-791-1398 or to get an application and get the process started.

There is no charge for the permit but the project must meet the requirements of the DLPOA restrictions.

It’s much easier for all concerned if those requirements are met before construction is begun rather than start and be forced to stop and change the plans.

Restrictions being rewritten

The Illinois Legislature has enacted a law called the Common Interest Community Association Act that applies to homeowner associations like the Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association. It is necessary to amend the DLPOA restrictions in order to comply with the law. The Board of Directors is working on rewriting the restrictions both to bring them into compliance and to make them more clear and understandable. The Board is planning to approve a draft and send it out to the full membership in January with a vote to approve to be taken during the month of February. If things stay on track, the
restriction revisions will be a subject of discussion at the annual meeting. Be looking for more on this subject early next year.

Adults compete in annual fishing tournament

The annual adult fishing tournament was held on Sunday, October 20. Twenty two-person teams competed to catch the greatest total weight of largemouth bass and the largest fish.

First Place: Eric Hudson and Jeff Robertson with a total catch of 10 pounds, 5 ounces
Second Place: Todd and Don McClew with a total catch of 8 pounds, 3 ounces.
Biggest Fish: Fred Kolesa with a 5 pound, 6 ounce bass.

Silt basin under review

The Silt Committee is working with the engineering firm of Horner & Shifrin to develop a plan to minimize the amount of silt and debris entering the lake at the south end under East Lake Dr. & Gerber Road. The basin was created in 2009 through a grant from the city of Edwardsville. The goal of the committee is to have a draft plan to present to the full membership at the annual meeting in February.

Branch Drive Property to be sold

After multiple years of unpaid assessments, the Board of Directors took action to foreclose on an 18,000 square foot vacant lot at the end of Branch Dr. off of East Lake Dr. The Board gained possession of the land earlier this year and listed it for sale with a local realtor. A contract has been accepted and the sale is scheduled to close Nov. 22. The sale price is $40,000 and the buyer, Piedmont Development, plans to build a new house on the property and put it up for sale next year.

Dilapidated boat house removed

After prolonged and diligent legal action undertaken by the Board, the dilapidated boat house at the end of Park Ave. was removed. The property owner was also required to pay the Association’s legal fees. The Restrictions Committee will be taking action on other docks that are in a state of disrepair.

Annual meeting scheduled

The annual meeting of the members of the DLPOA has been scheduled for Thursday, February 20 at the Moose Lodge on Marine Rd. Doors will open at 6:30. The meeting will begin at 7:00. This will be a very important meeting as the revised Restrictions and a draft plan for the south end catchment basin will be reviewed and discussed.

City enforcing RV, boat and trailer parking ordinances

Parking RVs and trailers in front of your house is prohibited by city ordinance. Recently, city officials have been notifying offending homeowners. The applicable laws are cited below.

Section 114-278: Parking in residential districts, Section b, (2) – No person shall park any of the following within a residential district of the city: A. Any recreational vehicle (which includes watercraft whether on a trailer or not) unless it is in compliance with part 12 “Planning and Zoning Code” title four Zoning of the planning and zoning ordinance.

Planning & Zoning Code section 1248.02.14 Recreational Vehicles and Travel Trailers (c) The parking of a travel trailer, utility trailer, or other recreational vehicle is allowed in the rear yard only, in side yards by special use permit only; but must remain behind front yard building line. No living quarters or business shall be maintained in such trailer; and only one trailer is allowed on any one lot.

Work on common areas to continue

Common Area E7 (across from Glik Park) has been cleared of underbrush, exposing a swampy area extending from the street culvert. We plan to excavate a drainage outlet from the culvert to the lake, and line it with rip-rap. Bare areas will be seeded with grass.

Removal of undergrowth adjacent to West Lake Drive in Common Area W6 will also be continued. Additionally, several large trees in various common areas will be trimmed or removed this winter.

Please remove any seldom-used boats or equipment you store in our common areas. Our goal is to improve the areas’ general appearance and allow easier maintenance. We request all common area users to stack fallen branches and floating wood near the street for periodic removal.

Board members sought

The November Board meeting has been moved to Monday, December 2, due to the regular date falling during Thanksgiving week. Board president Al Ortbals will be appointing a Nominating Committee at that meeting. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact Al at