Neighborhood Meetings Scheduled

Thanks to the families who have volunteered to host meetings and have invited neighbors to ask questions directly to board members. We have not had as much interest as hoped.

On Wednesday there will be a meeting of Park Drive residents at Marcia Wever’s house and there will be a general meeting next Tuesday at Bart and Meg Solon’s home for anyone anywhere on the lake who wants to attend. You are welcome to attend either.

  • 6 p.m. Wed., July 30 at 216 Park Drive
  • 7 p.m. Tues., August 5 at 607 East Lake Drive

Please RSVP by replying to this e-mail or calling me if you can attend. Bring a neighbor if possible.

If you have not seen the Frequently Asked Questions that was sent out via e-mail on July 15 please click on the white button below or go to our website (scroll down below the big crappie catch). I can also e-mail it as a Word document if you would be willing to print it to share with neighbors who might not have e-mail.

Carolyn Green
Board Administrative Assistant

Residents Asked to Support New Fee Structure

As we all look out on our lake now, we see pontoon boats cruising and people fishing, kayaking, swimming or just enjoying the view. From the surface, however, we can’t see all the “imminent needs” for keeping the lake healthy and enjoyable. Here are some facts and information to consider as you vote to help determine the future of Dunlap Lake.

  • When the lake was dredged in the 1993 the silt was deposited on several locations including what is now the Oaks subdivision which has since been developed.
  • The South end was 8 feet deep after the 1993 dredging. It is now less than 3 feet deep. Shallow water contributes to poor water quality and algae growth. It will not be long till many of the coves are too shallow for a pontoon boat.

The existing fee structure uses lot size to determine fees. That made sense when we had empty land. Today, there is no correlation between lot size and home value or the owner’s wealth. The range of assessments is huge. One owner pays $65 and another pays $1,100.

  • The highest assessment is 17 times more than the lowest. Using the current structure to raise fees would make that inequity even worse.
  • For example, one homeowner that pays $82 is on the lake and has a pontoon boat. Across the street, off the lake, there is a smaller house that has an assessment of $900.
  • Nine of 15 residents paying under $130 live on the lake, many with docks and boats. Five of the 8 residents paying over $700 live off the lake. Many are very average homes with the assessment cost driven up because of unbuildable lots or woods.

The board chose not to add on higher fees for on-lake residents because they are already required to spend more on maintaining the lake.

  • On lake residents are required to lease the parkway adjacent to their property, maintain the shoreline and remove trees or branches that fall into the lake.
  • Everyone helps pay for commons area shore line maintenance, tree removal, mowing and other upkeep for the off-lake residents. These costs are currently 27% of our annual budget.
  • Everyone’s property values are dependent on a healthy lake.

Please consider all this as you think about your vote for a revised fee structure. It may not be perfect but it is a way for us to work together to preserve Dunlap Lake as the beautiful place we are so fortunate to call home.

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