Membership Approves Assessment

Sheffel and Boyle accountants collected and counted the votes from the recent election. There were 317 votes (56%) in favor of a $500 annual assessment fee per voting lot and 245 (44%) against it.


The change in assessments takes effect immediately. Supplemental bills will be going out later this month for those whose assessments were less than $500. Anyone who paid over $500 will receive a credit toward next year’s assessment. As always, just e-mail if you have questions or concerns and Carolyn Green will do her best to find the answers for you.

August Dunlap Lake News Letter

Who is responsible?

Homeowners asked to vote YES on new fee
structure so lake clean up efforts can begin 

In some of the recent discussions about raising fees to start addressing silt issues in the lake there have been a number of questions about whether the City or the Corps of Engineers should be held responsible for the silt running off into lake.

The board does not think that is feasible. We checked in with the St. Louis Regulatory Branch of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which confirmed that when it comes to run-off of silt and debris from adjacent uplands, developments, etc. the Corps does not typically get involved unless it is directly associated with a permitted activity (per Section 404 of the Clean Water Act regulations).

Any improvements, construction activities or changes to our lake, it’s wetlands, and tributaries in our watershed does fall under the jurisdiction of the Corp of Engineers and in some instances the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.  But their involvement in our lake is primarily approving and monitoring permitted work.

Approval/permitting is needed for any work done by private citizens as well as organizations and municipalities. Examples of work that may need permits include dredging, clearing of brush/trees, constructing culverts, bridges, roads, dams, rip rapping or other work impacting a tributary’s stream bed or flood area or wetland area.

The City has a responsibility to enforce ordinances and laws in areas that fall under their jurisdiction.  They, like other groups, are responsible for following statutes and laws that fall under the Corp of Engineers jurisdiction. The City approves development plans and those plans must comply with laws and ordinances regarding storm water retention and discharge. The City does not have jurisdiction over the restriction of silt or debris entering our lake (limiting it or forcing others to limit it) unless it is in the city limits and violates city ordinances or state/federal laws.

We can and frequently do ask the City to enforce contractors use of silt fences. But as for the silt that has accumulated over the years from many different sources, there is no law requiring the City, the Corps, or anyone else to clean it up. There is nothing to enforce. Therefore, the Board feels that spending time and money trying to assign responsibility for the current silt build up will do nothing to help fix it.

If the vote is successful, the board intends to begin the process of purchasing and developing land to use as a silt depository and to get the permitting necessary to dredge and construct an area at the south end to trap silt and debris. We hope you will vote YES and get your ballot mailed and postmarked by Monday, August 11.

City Starts Rental Registration

Properties must meet Health and Fire/Life Safety Code Standards

On January 1, 2014 The City of Edwardsville adopted an ordinance establishing a Rental Registration and Inspection program. A copy of this ordinance is available on the City’s website at (or go to this index page and type Rental in the search bar at the top

The purpose of the Rental Registration and Inspection Program is to assure that rental housing in the City is maintained in a good, safe and sanitary condition and be sure it does not create a nuisance or blighted condition to its surroundings.

Dunlap Lake homeowners who rent their property must now notify both Carolyn Green, our lake administrative coordinator, AND Denise Thibault the new Rental Inspection Coordinator for the City of Edwardsville Public Works department each year that a property is being rented. Ms. Thibault can be reached at or 692-2331 if you have questions or concerns about registering your rental property.

Mon. Aug 11 – Ballots must be postmarked
Oct. 2014 – Bonfire date to determined soon
Sat. Dec. 6 – Holiday Social (mark your calendars)