November 2001– The parks & recreation department received bids on two areas for the construction of Joe Glik Park. One bid covered the water and sewer lines, concrete trails, parking lot, and entrance drive. The second bid was for the picnic shelters, rest room building, and the community pavilion.

Know Your Neighbor

Genie Manterfield
DLPOA Board member since March 2014

How long have you lived in Dunlap Lake? 6 years off and on but have been visiting here since 1984.

What’s your favorite thing about living here? Trees, water, birds (and neighbors!)

What enticed you to live here in the first place? My sister lives here.

What’s something about you that people may not know? I wanted to be a jockey when I grew up.

If you could have dinner with any two people (living or dead), who would they be? Leonardo DaVinci and my mother.

Hobbies, sports or anything that brings joy and contentment to life? Enjoy drawing, watercolor painting, walking, running, riding bikes, riding horses.

Dunlap Adult Fishing Tournament Winners

1st Place- Jeff Hudson and Eric Robinson
Top 3 Fish Total- 11 lbs 15 oz.
Largest Fish of the Tournament Caught by Jeff Hudson- 4 lbs 11 oz.
2nd Place- Todd McClew
Top 3 Fish Total- 9 lbs 14 oz.

 Third place went to Jarrod and Josh Kolesa
There were a total of 12 largemouth bass weighing over 3.5 lbs caught during the tournament. Pictured below, two of the larger fish caught!

Fall Bonfire is Saturday Oct. 18

Residents of all ages will love the fall bonfire and potluck held across from113 W. Lake Drive by the underwater bridge. Hot dogs, brats, s’mores and hot chocolate will be provided. Everyone is asked to bring chili, a side dish or a dessert to share.

Please bring lawn chairs, any special drinks and a dish to share. Friends, family and neighbors are welcome to attend with you.

You might even get a sneak peak on the progress at the Seubert’s Halloween-themed home that was featured on Channel 5’s Show-Me St. Louis last year.

Please RSVP by e-mailing Carolyn Green at  so we know how many will be attending and what you plan to bring.

Boating update

Dock Space Badly Needed

Do you have a dock going unused or with room for a second boat? We have a growing boat population and dock space is scarce. If you know of dock space please reply to this e-mail or contact Carolyn Green at

Summer 2014 Boat Registrations

Currently there are 446 boats & 44 individual watercraft registered on the lake. This summer there have been:

  •     16 new boats
  •      2 new individual watercrafts
  •      10 transfers

Click here to get a boat registration form. Email to report a boat moved off the lake. Keeping records up to date makes it possible to quickly locate owners when storms wash away boats (last spring flood water even took a canoe over the spillway of the dam).          

Please Join in the 6th Annual Adult Fishing Tourney

The Adult Fishing Tournament will be held on Sunday, October 12th at 510 W. Lake Dr.

There will be a shotgun start at sunrise. You must be 18 yrs or older to enter. Two people are allowed per boat. Specific rules for the tournament can be found below.

E-mail Walt Heck to register or for more information.


(If you bring someone that is under 21 they must have someone that is over 21 in the boat. In addition, no one under 21 is eligible for the cash prizes. The over 21 person in the boat wins this)

SUNDAY OCTOBER 12th (check in at 6:30 am boats leave at 6:45 and ends at 11:00)

Here is the layout of the tournament and the rules. In short, this is a bass tournament. You catch three bass that qualify as a tandem team. At the end of the day, if the weight adds up from your top three bass combined more than anyone else….you win!


  • PLAQUES FOR 1ST , AND 2ND . (TWO OF EACH FOR EACH FISHERMAN). Thlargest bass caught from the day wins a plaque as well.
  • CASH PRIZES – What’s a fishing tourney without winning some cash? This will depend on how many boats. All money paid in goes back to 1st and 2nd place. In addition, the biggest bass caught from the day gets a cash prize. It is $25.00 per person or $50.00 a boat.
  • COFFEE, DOUGHNUTS AND A CAMP FIRE – Let’s get everyone started at check in with some junk food!
  • BBQ AND DRINKS – Fishing is hard work ….We will have smoked meat BBQ sandwiches prepared by Todd McClew for lunch with potato salad, chips and other stuff to eat. A variety of sodas and junk food. Due to legal issues please BYB.
  • TROPHY CEREMONY – Nobody will know who has won this tourney until the trophy ceremony when we come back in for the day. Meaning: As I weight your fish as you catch them It will be kept a secret. Bring your ear plugs…we will have a mega phone (my mouth) to announce the real pro’s on this lake. I do know this…everyone has a legitimate shot at winning this tournament. You will also be featured on our Dunlap lake web site ( and the Dunlap lake face book sight per Todd Smith.


Please pre-register at so we can get an idea of how many people we will have.

  • When you arrive at 6:30 (ouch for those of you that sleep in) you will check in with me (Walter heck).
  • I will assign your team a team number. You will be handed a team number for you to take with you fishing.
  • You will be handed a lake map. The lake map is labeled by numbers. Each number on your map marks a location of a cove or area of the lake you are in. If you are fishing by the damn….and the map has a number 1 by the damn….you are in location number 1 at the damn.
  • When you catch a fish (must be over 14” to weigh in) that qualifies (Bass only) you will immediately look at your lake map and identify your location of your cove by the number, then you call me (Walt) by cell phone. I will come to your boat and ask you for your team number and will weigh your fish and log it for the end of day results. You will witness the weigh in and the length of your fish while I record it. The same scale will be used for all fish. The fish will be released back into the lake. We don’t want massive fish kill at the expense of the tournament. Your fish must be alive to weigh in. You can “start your engines” at 6:45 and the tourney starts and goes till 11:00.
  • On a final note, I would like to thank the Lake Association for participating in the adult fishing tournament each year. They provide all the plaques food and supplies needed for this event each year. Without a majority vote by them we couldn’t put this event together.

Here are the rules everyone follows to make this tournament organized and accurate.

  • Largemouth bass only.
  • Must be alive to weigh in (A live well preferred but a stringer will work).
  • The fish must be 14” in length to weigh in. (A kick board preferred but a tape measure will work).
  • You must be with at least one Dunlap lake resident or be a family member/friend of the registered boat you will be in.
  • Top three fish (most weight) wins tournament.
  • Must have Dunlap boat sticker
  • No more than two people to a boat.
  • We will be meeting across from E-8. Head towards the new East lake bridge by Gerber and you will see us on the right before you get to the narrowed area. It’s also located at 510 West lake drive. Two story brick…look for the camp fire!
  • Check in time is from 6:30. No boats will be checked in past 6:40 am. We have to be strict on this or it will delay everyone’s start time.
  • No live bait permitted
  • No boats will be given any information about other boats and what they caught till the end.
  • If you can keep the fish alive… don’t have to call a spotter and you can get weighed in when you come in from lunch.
  •  Boat proximity. Look this is a fun local tourney….no need to yell at other boats for proximity, but try to stay 75 feet away from other boats fishing