Luau May 30th

It’s Tiki Time!!

The temperature is rising and the snow has finally melted. Sunny days can only mean one thing . . . It’s time to plan a Luau! Invite your family and friends. This year’s boat parade theme will be music. Lots of food, drink and hula dancing for everyone.

Mark your calendars!
This year’s Luau will be held
Saturday, May 30th. 

Residents vote to purchase property

In the recent election, 83% of homeowners voting were in favor of purchasing the house and property at 840 East Lake Drive from the City of Edwardsville. A big thanks goes out to everyone who voted! The Association needed approval from 51% of votes cast to make the purchase. A total of 199 ballots were cast and each ballot contained a place for two votes (there are often several households with split ballots). 

The 398 votes cast had:
331 (83%) in favor of purchasing property
  67 (17%) against purchasing property
Thanks for your quick response. If all goes well, the Association and the City will close on the deal by the first of April. 

Get Cash for Unused Boats

You can get cash for your boat by posting it on the Association Facebook page selling it for scrap. We have a scrapper who will pick up and pay for metal boats up to 16 feet long. Paddle boats and plastic kayaks can be put out for big trash pickup the week of March 30.

Common area improvements

The Association is going to start some common area work this spring. If you have special concerns or priorities please let us know.
Everyone’s help is needed to keep common areas clean. If there are limbs or sticks on a common area they can be put into a pile up near the street for pick up.
If you are interested in helping coordinate a clean-up day or spring gardening day on your common area we can help coordinate that as well.

New Ballot in the Mailbox

Vote now to approve Association purchase of property at 840 East Lake Drive & collateral

The City Council of Edwardsville has approved the sale of the property located at 840 East Lake Drive, often called the Fogle house. The Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association has negotiated a contract in accordance with the vote of the membership last year to amend the covenants and restrictions. First Clover Leaf Bank is supplying the financing with 840 East Lake Drive, 438 East Lake Drive and/or Lot 35 of Block D of the Dunlap Lake Subdivision as collateral for the loan.

Per the 1977 amendment to the Association’s Articles of Incorporation, a vote of the membership is required to acquire or assign interest in property. A ballot has been mailed to every homeowner and must be postmarked and returned by Monday, March 16, 2015.

Your assessment will remain $500 whether or not we purchase the property. If the homeowners decide to dredge the lake, this is a perfect location for silt. It is a large lot and water would flow naturally back into the lake saving the huge expense of mechanical dewatering.

If you have questions you are welcome to respond to this e-mail or call Carolyn Green at 618-791-1398.


On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, the Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association held it’s annual meeting at the Moose Lodge. Alan Ortbals, president, welcomed everyone and introduced the board. Bart Solon, treasurer, went through the past year’s financials.

It was announced that on February 17, the night before the meeting, the Edwardsville City Council voted unanimously to sell 840 East Lake Drive to DLPOA for $346,500. An aerial photo of the property was displayed and the group discussed the property’s potential as a silt depository. Preliminary engineering studies show it may hold most of the silt from the south end. More information will be collected in the upcoming year so there can be an informed conversation about the options for dredging at next year’s annual meeting.

Bart and Alan went through the anticipated sources and uses of funds for FY 2015-16. A budget sheet for the FY 2015 was put together and mailed out to all residents following the meeting. The board will vote on the proposed budget on March 30, 2015 during their regular last Monday of the month board meeting at 7 pm at the Fogle House, 840 East Lake Drive.

Five board members were reelected to new, three-year terms. They are Larry Ahrens, Mark Hicks, Andy Leek, Craig Louer and Roy Wehling.



How long have you lived on Dunlap Lake?  Almost 17 years

Where do you work? C. Green & Associates,, in Edwardsville. We specialize in communicating complex concepts and do administrative work, event planning, member communications and association management for a number of companies including the American Council of Engineering Companies Business Insurance Trust, St. Louis Regional Airport, and Dunlap Lake.

What’s your favorite thing about living here? I have GREAT neighbors and I love summers on the water.

What’s something about you that people may not know? I have good posture thanks to a steel rod in my spine from scoliosis.

If you could have dinner with any two people (living or dead), who would they be? My parents, I could use their advice again.

Hobbies, sports or anything that brings joy to your life? I started freelance writing in 1997 and that has been both my pass time and my living ever since. I love swimming and boating. I’m the one that canoes with the little white dog.

Family? I have two amazing kids, Christina and Blake Burden. They grown and have both recently landed great full time jobs. I am very proud of them.


The Dunlap Lake Property Owner Association was incorporated on March 5, 1952. That makes it 63 years since Herman Winter, E.J. Ballweg, Joseph Kellermann, Paul O’Guin and George Cook filed the original Not For Profit Articles of Incorporation with the State of Illinois.