Measuring Silt

Did you notice someone out in the rain with a remote controlled boat on Wednesday, July 8? Engineers were testing for the depth of silt in some of the areas checked in 2005. Finding how much silt needs to be removed from the lake is the next step in developing a silt removal plan.

Shoreline Improvements Visible

During June shoreline improvements were made along the boat ramp. Greenside Lawn and Landscape brought in an excavator and tore out the old railroad tie wall, filled in a major sink hole, smoothed up the shore and covered it with shoreline grade fabric and riprap. Work was also started at E5.
Fabricators are working on a new catwalk and ladder for the drainage silo. That will be added now and then painted when the lake is lowered again in the fall of 2016. As soon as weather permits, additional riprap will be added to the dam to protect it from high water.


Safety Committee Conducts Fish Testing

In a recent test of three large-mouth bass from Dunlap Lake, elevated levels of mercury were found in the two largest fish (3 & 5 lbs). We are continuing to gather information and consulting with urban lake experts. We recommend anglers catch and release or follow the the Illinois Department of Public Health fish advisories which can be found at


Catch the Fireworks!

Fireworks Tonight

  9:20 pm Friday, July 3, 2015 at the dam

Make safety a priority. DO NOT go out on a boat, especially a kayaks and small watercraft, WITHOUT APPROVED LIGHTS. Even with lights, canoers and kayakers should wear reflective gear and glow necklaces or other items to make them more visible. If you don’t have lights go buy them now.
There will be a lot of traffic. Remember to choose a designated driver and always go counterclockwise around the lake.  Do not swim after dark. 

See more safety tips at:

Thanks to Everyone for Their Help in Cleaning Up

Thanks to everyone who came out for the pre-fireworks dam clean up!! With close to 20 people working we got it done in less than 2 hours!
If you would like to be part of clean up on a specific commons area or know a college student who would be interested in an internship please email


Did you know it is illegal in Illinois for any person to ride on the front of a moving pontoon with their feet hanging off the boat? Apparently it was a major cause of boating injuries