Board Meeting 7 pm Nov. 30

Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Board Meeting
7 pm November 30, 2014
840 East Lake Drive


1. Roll call
2. Approval of minutes— October 27, 2014
3. Guest comments:
4. Old Business
5. Financial Report
6. Administrator’s Report
7. Committee Reports
a. Meetings, Elections & Social – Jim
b. Restrictions – Roy
c. Safety – Mark
d. Silt & Erosion –Craig
e. Web Page – Todd
f. Building – Andy
g Common Areas – Nick
h. Dam Maintenance – Mike
i. Fireworks-Mike
j. Fish and Wildlife-Walt
k. Legal – Al
8. New Business
9. Nominating Committee
10. Next meeting???

11. Adjournment


Please RSVP & send check today

The annual holiday social will be held Sat., December 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Wildey Theatre located at 252 N. Main Street.

A buffet dinner will served at 7 pm by Chef Gutzler’s Butterfly Patio. The meal includes: Lemon Garlic Herb Chicken and  Italian Roasted Beef with Au Jus, Salad, Two Cheese Linguine, Tuscan Broccoli Cauliflower Mix and Mashed Potatoes.
A cash bar will be available featuring beer, wine & spirits.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a special dessert to enter in the first Dunlap Lake Bake-Off. The winner of the event will receive recognition and will get to choose which charity gets the proceeds of this year’s 50/50 drawing.

Live Music
Soloist Ted McCready will be performing with guitar and recorded soundtracks. There will be quiet music during dinner with rock and party music starting later in the evening.

The cost of the event is $25 per person.
RSVP as soon as possible to 
Payments should be mailed to
DLPOA, PO Box 5, Edwardsville, IL 62025
Let Carolyn know if you or your business
wants to contribute a door prize.

Spillway Repair Complete

To prevent water leaking around the wall below the apron of the spillway a cutoff wall was built from the corner of the dam to the North Shore boat ramp. The work was completed before the water could freeze under the concrete and rain refilled the lake fairly quickly. The funds for the repairs were available in dam maintenance reserves.

Just In Time For The Holidays!

BJ’s Printables at 1415 Troy Road (across from Deals) set up a Dunlap Lake logo that can be embroidered onto baseball caps, polo shirts or other fabric items for $10. You can purchase items in the shop or bring them in for embroidery.


Chemical Fertilizer and Slit Threaten Dunlap Lake 

Our lake is filled with potamogeton or pond weed as its more commonly known. In the thick silt in the shallow waters, phosphorus and nitrates, ingredients in lawn fertilizers, cause the plant to grow thick and fast. A flyer presented to the board by Heartlands Conservancy staff working on watershed issues said algaecides alone often are not enough, phosphorus must be reduced. Please avoid the use of lawn fertilizers and do not ever put chemicals within 25 feet of the lake.

Engineers are working on a dredging proposal and the board hopes to have something to present to the membership by the Annual Meeting in February.

Fishing Report 2015

The lake was stocked on 11/6/2015 with Tiger Muskie, Walleye, Channel Cat and Hybrid Striped Bass.
Tiger Muskie:  Quantity stocked today was 10 and 1 foot long.
muskieThis is the largest breed and most allusive fish in the lake.  It is stocked for one reason and that is to thin out an above normal shad (minnow) population and some of our crappie.  The Muskie are regulated at 1 per acre.  They do not multiply.
Longest recorded Muskie recorded:  3 feet long. It was shocked up by DNR during fish study.  Gary Arth verified.
This is a catch and release fish.  They are very difficult to catch but easy to hook.  The will eat any type of bait.  Finding one and getting it into the boat will be a huge challenge.  If you do get one in the boat,  Bring pliers as these fish have K-9 type teeth.  They are easy to identify because they are Tiger Striped Muskie and have tiger stripe rings that work down from nose to fin.
Walleye:  Quantity stocked today was 400 and 6 to 8 inches long.
walleyeVerified a dozen each year caught.  Usually when you catch a Walleye it turns out to be a nice surprise and unexpected.  We have been dedicated with stocking Walleye the last 8 years.  We are getting positive reports that these fish are being caught.  Bring pliers as these fish have K-9 type teeth.
Largest recorded Walleye recorded was 30 inches 4 years ago.  I caught it and verified by Bob Jones as he cleaned it and I ate it.  🙂
Channel Cat:  Quantity stocked today was 300 and were around 2 pounds.
This is also and incredible fish to catch.  If you hook a 12 pound Channel Cat get ready as they are the “bull dogs” of the lake.  Powerful strong swimmers.
A 74 pound Blue cat was caught by Alex Moselle, Tyler Cooper, and Mason Surenson just a couple years ago.
Reports of another large Blue cat was caught this year but not verified or I need more information.
Hybrid Striper Bass:  Quantity 600 and were around 4 inches long.  The fifth class.
hybridbassstriper4th Class stripers: 3 to 5lbs.
3rd Class Stripers: 6 to 7lbs
2nd Class Stripers: 8 to 9lbs
1st Class Stripers: 10 to 12 lbs.
(Results documented and/or recorded information)
This fish is a fun challenge to catch.  They have no quit in them for at least 5 to 10 minutes if not longer.  If you try to hog them in any faster,  you will break your line or the hooks on your bait will be straightened.   If you do get one in the boat it is the best game fish we have in the lake and you will have a blast catching one.
Bass:  None stocked.  Thriving in lake and no need to stock as they stock themselves.
2ndclassstripperBass population seems to be holding up but getting over fished.  Some reports from fishermen and others have witnessed on many different accounts of boats keeping amounts well over the amount limits.  If this continues for years on end, this species and the balance we have with them right now will be changed.
Remember, Bass meat is best from 1.5 to 2.75lbs to eat.  The best breeders in the bass class goes by weight from 3lbs and up.
Crappie: None Stocked.
Slightly over populated and currently there is no limit on how many crappie you keep.  Thriving in this lake.
There are some large crappie in this lake and recorded at over 14 inches.  There are also many mid size to small crappie as well.
Grass Carp:  They were considered for stocking this year but ultimately the board correctly made the call by not stocking grass carp in the lake.
Walt Heck: If you have pics of a 1st or 2nd class striper please send to me at would also like to see any pics of large channel cats, any Walleye, any Muskie and bass over 5lbs.  It helps me understand the fish balance in this lake better and I take them and send them to my friends and tell them that I caught it!

Spillway Repairs

c18bd19a-35e8-4590-a900-5d8f745ba02aWork has started on the spillway. Today some of the old concrete was removed to create a trench. A rebar wall will be set up tomorrow and concrete will be poured early next week as weather permits. The water will continue going down, probably to 5 foot


The invasive water plants are expected to die off when we start getting hard freezes.

The board is working on a plan to be proactive with treatment or removal next year, but it is very hard to stop plant growth when there are such high levels of phosphates and nitrates in shallow water filled with silt.

LAWN FERTILIZERS are a primary source of the chemicals hurting our lake.

Please avoid using them and do not ever use them with in 25 feet of the water.