Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Board Meeting
7 pm, March 28, 2016 at 840 East Lake Drive

  1. Roll call-
    1. Nominating Committee
        i. Election of Officers
        ii. Committee Assignments

     2. Approval of minutes – January 25, 2016
     3. Guest comments
     4. Financial Report
             a.  Year End Financial Report
             b.  2016 Budget
             c.  Confirmation of 2016 Assessments

     5.  Old Business
     6. Committee Reports

  • Building – Andy
  • Common Areas –
  • Dam Maintenance – Mike
  • Fireworks-Mike
  • Meetings, Elections & Social – Jim
  • Fish and Wildlife – Walt
  • Legal – Al
  • Restrictions – Roy
  • Safety – Mark
  • Silt & Erosion – Craig
  • Web Page – Todd 

7.  New Business
8.  Adjournment

Spring Cleaning Time

Some important reminders for spring clean-up:
  • Never use lawn chemicals within 25 ft. of the water. Please be sure to remind your lawn care company.
  • Commons Cleanup: If you gather sticks and trash that have washed up on your commons area into a pile near the curb we will get them picked up.
  • PLEASE do not blow leaves or debris into the lake!
  • Large Trash Pick-Up beings March 21. You can take advantage of this service to get rid unwanted paddle boats and other unsightly small water craft (reply to Carolyn if you want to scrap a boat or need help getting one to the curb).
  • Mailboxes need love too. Remember yours during spring cleanup.
  • If you know the location of any muskrat dens, please reply to this email.

Large Trash Pick-Up Details

Republic Services is splitting clean-up over a two week period for 2016 – Monday-Weds- Friday routes in week one and  Tues and Thursday routes in week two. Please see calendar below.Large items include refrigerators, dishwashers, furniture, mattress sets and large carpets (if cut into 2ft by 4ft rolled bundles and secured with twine or tape).  Glass portions of doors, windows, etc. should be broken and placed into a small box marked glass.  ALL items must be placed at the curb by 6 a.m. for collection.   Concrete, shingles and other construction debris are prohibited.  ELECTRONIC WASTE, INCLUDING MONITORS and TELEVISIONS CANNOT BE COLLECTED.   Do not set out loose trash or trash in cardboard boxes. 

For questions please call Allied Waste/Republic Services’ Customer Service Representatives at (618) 656-6883.

March 21
March 23
March 25
March 29
March 31