Rain moves Luau events forward a day

3023d593-e2ea-43de-9dd7-19c2cc0bafdaPredicted thunderstorms could make it unsafe for a boat parade and too wet for a luau. All events are being moved forward a day. Times remain as follows:

Lighted Boat Parade
8:30 pm Saturday
Decorate your boat with lights and meet at the dam by 8:30 pm. Lot’s of people will be meeting early to hang out and socialize beforehand.

Luau Potluck & Activities
5-9:30 Sunday
Music, Activities, Luau Dancers, DJ and Fire Performers to entertain the whole family.

Activities start at 5 pm.
Dinner will be served at 6 pm.
Bring a lawn chair and a dish to share generously. Pulled pork, plates, and lemonade will be provided by the Association.

Extended family members, neighbors and guests are welcome to join you if you. Please include them in your food count.

RSVP APPRECIATED — RSVP — Jim Seubert– jim.seubert@yahoo.com
or Carolyn Green — carolyn@dunlaplake.org.

Boat Mounted Aquatic Weed Mower

Following a conversation with staff at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, the board has found an underwater mower to help clear algae. Please send an e-mail to Carolyn Green — carolyn@dunlaplake.org if you are willing to help board members mow.

The algae rake is still available if you want to clean out around your boat.

If you are using chemicals Cutrine-Plus is considered a safer alternative than copper sulfate.

RSVP For Memorial Day Luau


May 27FRIDAY-–  Lighted Boat Parade — 8:30 PM

Decorate your boat with lights and meet at the dam by 8:30 pm. Lot’s of people will be meeting early to hang out and socialize beforehand. Parade will start when it is dark enough.

May 28SATURDAY — Luau Potluck — activities start at 5 PM and Dinner will be served at 6 PM

  • Bring lawn chairs and a dish to share generously
    Pulled pork, plates and lemonade provided by the Association
  • Please RSVP: Jim Seubert– jim.seubert@yahoo.com
    or Carolyn Green — carolyn@dunlaplake.org.
  • Please include total number of guests so we can order enough food!

New Accounting Company

Watch your mail. This year’s assessment bills will be coming from CPM
Community Property Management Company (CPM)

242 Old Sulphur Spring Road – Manchester, MO 63021

We are very excited to have them on board. They have staff here in Illinois and will be providing electronic payment options for Dunlap Lake residents.
(The previous vendor could only do paper invoicing and paper checks)

Muskrat Update

USDA’s Wildlife Services have caught around 20 Muskrats in the lake. It is an attempt to get rid of an overpopulation of the animals that have been collapsing shorelines and damaging property.

There are 2 floating traps still available to residents willing to get a permit to trap muskrats along their property.

Muskrats are vegetarian. Animals leaving muscle shells or making big holes back away from the water are probably raccoons or groundhogs. Local vendors like Critter Control (618) 655-9570 can help with those.

The Algae Is Back

 After much discussion, the board has decided not to treat the lake with chemicals to kill the algae. Lake-wide treatments by a licensed vendor would cost almost $100,000 and could have negative impacts on fish and wildlife. 

The Board realizes that people will have problems once again this year around their boats and, if individuals want to take some action, Cutrine Plus–NOT COPPER SULFATE–is considered to be a safer alternative.

The plants growing already this year appear to be Potamogeton, a pondweed and a filam

Dredging & Financing Plan Announced

Click to see the presentation slides

Click on the photo or go to  http://www.dunlaplake.org/wordpress/dredging/Ballots will be mailed to homeowners soon.
The cost breakdown using the SSA financing proposed is on the slide titled “Estimated SSA Tax.” At this point feedback from the May 18 meeting is under consideration. If you were not there or have thought of additional questions, you can email Carolyn Green — carolyn@dunlaplake.org.. If questions are not easily answered by e-mail we will set up small group meetings to make it easier to discuss any concerns.

Board Meeting Agenda for May 25

Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association
May 25, 2016
840 East Lake Drive

1. Roll call
2. Approval of minutes— April 25, 2016
3. Guest comments:
4. Old Business
5. Financial Report

6. Committee Reports
a. Dam Maintenance – Mike
b. Fireworks-Mike
c. Fish and Wildlife-Walt
d. Legal – Al
e. Meetings, Elections & Social – Jim
f. Restrictions – Roy
g. Safety – Mark
h. Silt & Erosion –Craig
i. Web Page – Todd
j. Building – Andy
k. Common Areas – Lee

7. Manager’s Report
8. New Business – Next Monday, June 27, 2016
9. Adjournment