Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Board Meeting is Nov. 7

Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association board meeting on Monday, October 31. The next meeting will be 7 pm Monday, Nov. 7 at 840 East Lake Drive.


1. Roll call-

2. Approval of minutes – October 3, 2016

3. Guest comments

4. Financial Report

a. 2017 Budget

5. Old Business 6. Committee Reports

a. Restrictions – Roy

b. Safety – Mark

c. Silt & Erosion – Craig

d. Web Page – Todd

e. Building – Andy

f. Common Areas – Lee

g. Dam Maintenance – Mike

h. Fireworks-Mike

i. Fish and Wildlife – Walt

j. Legal – Al

k. Meetings, Elections & Social – Jim

7. Manager’s Report

8. New Business – Next meeting: November 28

9. Adjournment

Bonfire 7 p.m. This Saturday, Oct. 22

bonfire25fa0f.1Please join us at 7 p.m. Saturday for a roaring good time at this year’s bonfire. We will meet at 840 East Lake Drive (look for the stone marker that says 840, there is no mailbox). This is a house, not on the lake, with 7 acres and plenty of parking. Bring a lawn chair and a snack to share. The Association will provide hot dogs, brats, s’mores and soft drinks.

At 5:30 p.m. volunteers are needed to carry wood to the fire pit and do a quick clean up of the house and grounds.

Family and friends are welcome. Please reply to this e-mail to let Carolyn know how many will be attending so we will have plenty of food.

Mark Your Calendar: Lake Dropping Nov. 1

 6650a9bb-03e3-4431-be1a-f8e5c7d59875Dunlap Lake will be lowered around Nov. 1 as weather permits. The water will go down about 5 feet. Boats left in the lake need to be monitored, they will probably left sitting in deep mud.

This is the perfect time for dock construction, new sea walls and to rake out pond weeds. Fish will move safely to the deep water. Hopefully a lot of the plant life will freeze out.

Building permit application forms are available on the web or if you click HERE one should download.

Bonfire Set For Oct. 22

Fall Bonfire & Hot Dog Roast
7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22 at 840 E. Lake Dr

Please bring a flashlight, a chair, and snacks to share, to the 4-acre field at 840 East Lake Drive, which we call the “Fogle House.” There is parking along the driveway. Food will be served from the front porch where there is light, some access to electricity, and access to the kitchen and bathroom of the house.

Volunteers are needed at 5:30 p.m. for a quick prep time to collect wood from the grounds and clean up the serving area and meeting room tables.

Fish ordered for lake

Walter Heck, fishing committee chair, has placed an order to stock the lake with Striped Bass, Walleye, Muskie and Catfish. The recent IDNR report from Fred Cronin, IDNR Fisheries Biologist, said no corrective stocking was needed and that all fish being stocked are maintaining well. The Walleye seem to be doing especially well. The overpopulation of gizzard shad did warrant stocking more predators. The fish order is expected to be delivered by Logan Hollow Fish Farm in mid-October. See Walt for more information or to make fishing reports.

When asked about grass carp Cronin said the aquatic plants he saw while at the lake were coontail,southern naiad, filamentous algae, and creeping water primrose. Of these, the southern naiad would be the preferred food for grass carp. More grass carp would likely reduce the more desirable naiad and have little impact on the other stuff. No carp have been ordered

Bake-off Returns to Holiday Social

Saturday, Dec. 3 will be the 2016 Dunlap Lake Holiday Social at the Wildey Theatre. The doors open at 6 p.m. and dinner will be served at 7.

The dessert bake-off is back by popular demand!! Prizes will be awarded in several categories. Jack Tweston will be providing quiet music with dinner and something more lively as the evening progresses. A Catered Affair will be serving a mix of heavy appetizers and dinner options. This year we will have a mix of cocktail and banquet tables so guests can sit or move around to socialize as they choose.

IMPORTANT NEWS from board meeting

 The Sept.. board meeting was postponed till Oct. 3 in order to respond to member ballots on creating a Special Service Area to fund dredging. Residents were in favor of the proposal 61% to 39%. The board members present voted unanimously to present the vote results to the city administration and discuss moving forward with the Special Service Area request.

Michael Watts, dam maintenance chair, announced the annual inspection of the damhas been completed. Besides regular maintenance, the berm at the bottom of the spillway will need repair where some concrete has broken.

The lake will be lowered Nov. 1 weather permitting. Please complete building permits right away if you are planning construction projects.

Work has started on the 2017-18 budget. A draft of the budget will be sent out prior to the February annual meeting.

Association awarded E.N.E.R.G.I. Grants

Dunlap Lake has been awarded over $3,000 from the Edwardsville Neighborhood Enhancement Recognition & Grant Initiative (ENERGI) for signage and landscaping to identify commons areas and to put notice boards on both sides of the lake. The program gives matching funds to beautify neighborhoods, encourage participation, and foster a sense of community and pride. Dunlap Lake proposals won funding from both Ward 5 and 6. Volunteer time will be used for some matching funds. Reply to this e-mail if you are interested in helping beautification or if you hear of other grants.