Board Members Needed

Five board members will be elected at the Annual Meeting. Board members are responsible for seeing that the organization is well managed and remains fiscally sound.
The executive committee is serving as the nominating committee. If you would like to be a board member or know someone who is particularly well-qualified reply to this e-mail or contact Alan Ortbals at 659-0232.

Mayor to attend Feb. 16 Annual Meeting

Edwardsville Mayor Hal Patton will be joining us for the Dunlap Lake Property Owners Annual Meeting on Thursday, February 16, 2017, at the Moose Lodge, 7371 Marine Road. Agenda for this year’s meeting will include dredging, review of the 2017-18 budget and election of new board members.

Lake Level Begins to Rise

Birds stand in the extremely shallow water of the main channel at the south end. Since the photo was taken sub-zero weather has finally turned the aquatic plants growing on the thick silt to brown.

Dam Maintenance Chair Michael Watts has closed the emergency overflow grate so the water level will begin to rise as rain and snow falls. There are still at least two retaining wall projects underway so it will not be brought back to full pool quite yet.

IDNR Suggests Spillway Improvements

IDNR recently sent a letter suggesting the Association consider expanding the spillway to meet new standards for flood water capacity. Hurst-Rosche, the firm that has been safety engineer of record for the dam for many years, has been asked to review our options while the water is down.

Large Items in Shallow Water

Now that the ground has frozen our landscape team will be removing some of the larger logs and trash in shallow water around commons areas. If you have an item you are concerned about (or a fish habitat near your property you want left alone) please reply to this e-mail. Fish habitats should be kept under docks or in places where they will not hurt swimmers or boats.

Turnout Needed for Watershed Planning Efforts

A team from Heartlands Conservancy, Madison County Flood Prevention and the Corps of Engineers has been working on a watershed plan for Cahokia Creek which feeds Dunlap Lake. Results of this plan may help the region get future funding for watershed improvements and flood prevention.

By attending you can:

Learn about the in-progress watershed plans
Review existing conditions
Help set goals for flood damage and water quality

The Conservancy encourages you to bring friends to join you for drop-in style open houses between 6 and 8 pm on one of the following two evenings:

Tues., Jan 17 at Madison County Farm Bureau, 900 Hillsboro Ave, Edwardsville, IL 62025

Thurs., Jan 19 at Glen Carbon Community/Senior Center, 157 N Main St, Glen Carbon, IL 62034

More details are available on the Madison County website.

Important Dates

Jan. 17 & 19 – Open Houses for Cahokia Creek Watershed 6-8 pm (Click here for more information.)

Jan. 30 – Board Meeting
7 pm, 840 E. Lake Drive

Feb. 16 – Annual meeting
7 pm at the Moose Lodge
7371 Marine Road, 62025

Muskrat Season Ends January 25

Winter trapping has been effective for some residents. While muskrats are not very active in the winter, don’t assume they are gone. Homeowners who saw muskrats this summer are encouraged to act before trapping season ends in January.

Colleagues from the Watershed Nature Center have found Frontier Wildlife Management will trap muskrat on your property. Call Bruce at Frontier, 795-6046, for details. The company has an initial set up fee and then charges per muskrat removed.

If you are trapping yourself, a fact sheet of IDNR’s seasons and limits is online.

2016 Fish Stocking Report

On November 21, 2016 Logan Hollow Fish Farm from Murphysboro, Illinois added 450 Hybrid Striped Bass and 700 Walleye to the lake. Walt Heck is Fish & Wildlife committee chair if you have input on the fishing conditions contact him at

Dock Requests for 2017

If you live off-lake and want commons space assigned to be able to build a dock during the summer of 2017 please call Carolyn Green at 791-1398 by February 28.
Please contact Carolyn to get on this year’s list even if you have put in a request in previous years.

Any sites that have been assigned where homeowners did not build within the building permit’s one-year limit may be reassigned if there is a shortage of space.
The restrictions say the owner of the dock is the resident who built it. If you transfer that ownership please report it.

Building Permits
Information on building is on the Association’s website at Applications are reviewed by a committee of volunteers so please make requests in advance.