Latest EPA Update on Algae

We are hoping for final toxin reports from the EPA soon.

    A test strip showed the back of the cove in the photo below had algae over world health organization standards (20). The test location in the deeper water did not. We are waiting for lab tests to confirm these results

    If you are considering swimming 4th of July weekend please check out this website: and for more information go to

EPA Coordinates of High in Toxin Algae

EPA Reports Blue-Green Algae in Dunlap Lake

EPA reports blue-green algae in Dunlap Lake

Samples taken this morning showed blue-green algae which was producing toxins in Dunlap Lake. Bacteria in the cove near 357 E. Lake was higher than the EPA and world health organization’s recommendations for recreational water use. This is based on children less than six years old.  

 The fishing derby has been canceled. Fish are not affected by the toxin but can carry it in their tissue. Fish should not be eating until the algae blooms have gone away. 

See  for more details. 

Updates soon.

Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Meeting is April 24

The 7 p.m. Monday, June 5, Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Meeting will be at 840 East Lake drive.

Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Board Meeting Agenda

June 5, 2017

1. Roll call-

2. Approval of minutes – April 24, 2017

3. Guest comments

4. Old Business

5. Financial Report

6. Committee Reports

a. Dam Maintenance – Mike

b. Fireworks-Mike

c. Fish and Wildlife – Jim

d. Legal – Al

e. Meetings, Elections & Social – Genie

f. Restrictions – Roy

g. Safety – Mark

h. Silt & Erosion – Craig Report on potential for dirt and silt sales. Possibility of excavating

E8. i. Web Page – Todd

j. Building – Andy Request to put an unattached shed at 417 East Lake (off-lake)

k. Common Areas – Lee

7. Manager’s Report

8. New Business – a. Next meeting

9. Adjournment