Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Meeting Sept. 25

The 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 25, Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Meeting will be at 840 East Lake drive.

Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Board Meeting Agenda
1. Roll call-

2. Approval of minutes – August 28, 2017

3. Guest comments

4. Old Business

a. Wolfe Family Trust Hearing

5. Financial Report

6. Committee Reports

a. Meetings, Elections & Social – Jim S.

b. Restrictions – Roy

c. Safety – Mark

d. Silt & Erosion – Craig

e. Web Page – Todd

f. Building – Andy

g. Common Areas – Lee

h. Dam Maintenance – Mike

i. Fireworks-Mike

j. Fish and Wildlife – Jim T.

k. Legal – Al

7. Manager’s Report

8. New Business –

a. Next meeting – October 30

9. Adjournment

Neighbor Memorials

This note is a special “Know Your Neighbor” tribute to Gerald McDougal whose funeral is tomorrow, Sept. 12, and Salvatore Paolucci who passed away in May.

We recently received an anonymous letter requesting that we share the stories of long-time Dunlap Lake residents as well as new neighbors in the Dunlap Days E-newsletter. That’s a great idea! If you know of someone who would make a good Know Your Neighbor column please send the story to carolyn@dunlaplake.org

Gerald McDougal

Gerald “Jerry” McDougal, 85, passed away in his sleep on Thursday, September 7th. Jerry lived on Circle Drive and was one of the few residents that walked the dry ground of the lake bed and remembered the houses that were here before the dam was built and the valley flooded

Jerry married Sylvia M. Giardina on June 28, 1958, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Park Street in Edwardsville. He worked at the Union Pacific Railroad for 31 years, at Shell Oil for 13 years, and the Olin Corporation for four years.

Jerry loved living on Dunlap Lake, watching the birds and wildlife. He enjoyed fishing from his pontoon boat and visiting and helping neighbors. We have lost an important link to our history. Jerry was not only quick to notice any change in fish or water quality, he always knew the last time it had happened and what was done to fix it.

Salvatore Paolucci

Salvatore “Sam” Paolucci, 83, passed away on May 27th, 2017. Sam proudly served in the United States Air Force during the Korean War. He married his wife, Carol Ann Reinhold on July 14, 1962. They were married for 54 years and resided here at Dunlap Lake for 50 years. They would have celebrated their 55 wedding anniversary this year.

Sam attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale where he received a Master’s Degree in Education. Sam retired from teaching 5th and 6th grade in 1994 after a 27-year career in education. He loved teaching and encouraging students to love learning.

In addition to teaching, Sam also enjoyed fixing things. He could fix anything and enjoyed taking things that were thrown away and refurbishing them so they could be used again. He was always willing to help anyone and saw value in everyone. He will be missed at Dunlap Lake.