Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Meeting Nov. 27

Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Board Meeting Agenda
1. Roll call- 
2. Approval of minutes – October 23, 2017
3. Guest comments
4. Old Business
5. Financial Report
6. Committee Reports
a. Safety – Mark
b. Silt & Erosion – Craig and Membership Survey
c. Web Page – Todd
d. Building – Andy
e. Common Areas – Lee
f. Dam Maintenance – Mike
g. Fireworks-Mike
h. Fish and Wildlife – Jim T.
i. Legal – Al 
j. Meetings, Elections & Social – Jim S.
k. Restrictions – Roy

7. Manager’s Report

8. New Business – 
a. Nominating Committee – Terms expiring: Jim, Mark, Andy, Craig and Roy
b. Next meeting – January 29, 2018
c. Annual Meeting Date?

9. Adjournment

Rental Registration

To support the City of Edwardsville Rental Registration and Inspection Program, Dunlap Lake is asking that all property owners who rent a home out submit a copy of the City’s registration form to meet the Association reporting criteria in the restrictions.
     The City’s form is due annually and this year a copy of your form should be sent to manager @dunlaplake.org by January 25, 2018.
     In addition to the City form, the Association needs to know if landlords will keep their boating privileges or assign them to the renter.

View City Regulations

Dunlap Lake has been Stocked

On November 9th the lake was stocked with:

– 37 Channel Catfish ranging from 1 to 2 lbs
– 413 Walleye ranging from 6-8 inches
– 730 Hybrid Stripe Bass ranging from 6-8 inches

The population has been excellent!

These additions should ensure that the good fishing continues! Special thanks to Walt Heck and Jim Taylor, who coordinated the operation.

Last year’s IDNR report >>