Dunlap Lake Association Board Meeting Aug 29

Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association
Board Meeting Monday, August 29, 2016, At 7PM at 840 East Lake Drive


1. Roll call-

2. Approval of minutes – July 25, 2016

3. Guest comments

4. Financial Report

5. Old Business

a. Membership Meeting

6. Committee Reports

a. Legal – Al

b. Meetings, Elections & Social – Jim

c. Restrictions – Roy

d. Safety – Mark

e. Silt & Erosion – Craig

f. Web Page – Todd

g. Building – Andy

h. Common Areas – Lee

i. Dam Maintenance – Mike

j. Fireworks-Mike

k. Fish and Wildlife – Walt

7. New Business –

8. Adjournment

Membership Meeting Wed. Aug. 31 7 PM


August 3, 2016

Dunlap Lake Property Owners

PO Box 5

Edwardsville, IL 62025

RE: Membership Meeting 7 p.m. Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at Moose, 7371 Marine Rd

Dear Dunlap Lake Property Owners,

Following the membership meeting on June 22, Board members met with city administration to report the results and get their advice. Results of that meeting were reported back to the full Board and a decision was made to do additional investigation and analysis in an effort to craft a plan that would build a greater consensus among the membership.

In that effort, we conducted a survey to try to better understand what members thought about the proposed dredging and financing plans. The opinions expressed in that survey led us to further examine the proposed plans and seek alternatives.

There will be an informational meeting of the membership on Wednesday, August 31 to present those results. We will be presenting alternative dredging plans, financing plans, and assessment structures and we will be seeking membership input on all three. Member input at that meeting will help shape the question that will be put to the full membership for a vote during the month of September.

As many people who responded to the survey advocated for a written ballot sent to the full membership, that’s what we will do. Those ballots will be mailed following the August 31 meeting.

You are urged to attend the meeting and give your input. The vast majority of survey respondents (86%) agreed with the need to dredge. We need to find a way that we can come together to save Dunlap Lake.


Alan Ortbals



Lake Lowering This Fall

Dunlap Lake will be lowered about 6 feet this fall to allow residents to do shoreline and dock maintenance.

The water will be dropped around November 1 weather permitting.

If you are planning a project please submit a building permit application with drawings and a site plan as soon as possible.

Follow the link for the permit application and more information: http://www.dunlaplake.org/wordpress/buildinginformation/.

Dunlap Lake Association Board Meeting

Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association
Board Meeting July 25, 2016 At 7PM at 840 East Lake Drive

Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association
Board Meeting
July 25, 2016

1. Roll call-

2. Approval of minutes – June 27, 2016

3. Guest comments

4. Financial Report

5. Old Business

a. SSA

b. Annexations

6. Committee Reports

a. Fish and Wildlife – Walt

b. Legal – Al

c. Meetings, Elections & Social – Jim

d. Restrictions – Roy

e. Safety – Mark

f. Silt & Erosion – Craig

g. Web Page – Todd

h. Building – Andy

i. Common Areas – Lee

j. Dam Maintenance – Mike

k. Fireworks-Mike

7. New Business – Next meeting August 29

8. Adjournment

Parkway Fee

Hey everyone, if you got a letter saying you owe $1.00 that means your parkway fee was not included on the initial bill. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Dunlap Lake Home Receives Green Thumb Award

Gene and Joni Peters love to travel, but every time they pull out of their driveway, they ask, “Now, why are we leaving again?”

That’s because their property on Dunlap Lake in Edwardsville is a private paradise that gives them just as much pleasure as scenic vacation spots around the world.

The Peters are getting a pat on the back this month in the form of a Green Thumb Award from Edwardsville Beautification and Tree Commission.


Help the social committee choose whether we do a movie night on the water, a progressive dinner, a poker run, or just wait for the bonfire to get together again.

The next social committee meeting will be 7 pm Thursday, July 7 at 113 West Lake Drive. E-mail Carolyn at carolyn@dunlaplake.org if you have suggestions, can attend or would be willing to help coordinate one event.

Fireworks Are A Go!

a079b218-ca2d-449b-8461-b11fc3800259Fireworks will still go on tonight. They may start early to be sure everyone gets home before another round of rain. There will be a warning blast before the show begins.

See you at the dam!