Fireworks over Dunlap Lake

This year’s fireworks display will be on Saturday, July 7, at 9:20 p.m. Rain-out date is Sunday, July 8. If there is rain all weekend the rain-out date will be over Labor Day Weekend.¬†Cancellation due to dry weather fire hazard will be announced on website and Facebook.

No one will be allowed on the dam except for those involved in the display. It is important that all boaters stay back at least 500 feet from the dam. This area will be roped off for the protection of spectators. Make sure to watch for and obey this roped off area.

With the heavy traffic on the lake, it is very important that all boaters obey boating safety regulations. All boats, especially kayaks and canoes, need to have working running lights and make sure they are in good operating order. Be sure that all lights are on at all times.

Boats will not be allowed within 500 feet of the dam. This line will be marked off at 8 p.m. Do not cross it.

Only the Fireworks Crew and Fire & Police personnel will be allowed on the dam.

By Illinois law every watercraft must have appropriate lights to operate between sunset and sunrise. This includes kayaks and inflatables. Operators of these smaller boats should ALSO consider wearing lighted necklaces or other gear that would make them more visible in the heavy traffic.

Traffic should always move counter-clockwise around the lake.

DLPOA rules require all watercraft (pontoon boats, jon boats, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, and personal watercraft) to have Dunlap Lake stickers. Please make sure that all watercraft have the appropriate stickers by contacting Carolyn Green at .

Next Dunlap Lake Association Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be on July 23. There will not be a board meeting on June 25. DLPOA Board meetings are held at the Fogle House, 840 East Lake Dr. The Board meetings are held at 7 p.m. All property owners are welcome to attend.