Update on Silt

Our contract engineers have spent the summer investigating the south end of the lake including the sediment basin created in 2009 and surrounding association – owned property.

They are currently working on a preliminary plan to expand and improve the basin in order to maximize its effectiveness. It is expected that a draft of the plan will be presented to the Board of Directors later this year.

Abandoned Boats to Be Removed

The Common Areas Committee has tagged several boats that either appear abandoned or lack a Dunlap Lake registration sticker. If your boat was tagged, please contact Carolyn Green by September 26, 2013, or the boat may be removed.

There are also several small boats that have been left on common areas all summer without being used. If you own such a boat, please remove it from the common area.The animal burrows and weeds growing around them become dangerous and an eyesore.

If you are interested in selling an unused boat, please contact Carolyn about posting a note on the “ForSale” page of the website and/or the Dunlap Association Facebook page. Common areas users –please continue gathering limbs, logs and debris into piles for removal.

Volunteers are always needed to help with the common areas. Call Mike Dawson at 692-1998 to volunteer for a clean-up or to join the Common Areas Committee.


Association to Auction Off Lot With Bid Date Oct. 15

The Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association is offering a single-family residential lot for sale to the highest bidder. The 18,811 square foot lot is Lot 64 of Block C of the Dunlap Lake Subdivision on Branch Drive.

1. Bids must be submitted in writing and must contain:
a. Bidder name
b. Address
c. Phone number
d. Cell phone number
e. Email Address
f. Bid amount
g. Source of funds (no contingencies will be accepted)
2. Bids must be submitted to:
Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association
c/o Sandberg Phoenix & Von Gontard
101 West Vandalia St., Suite 300
Edwardsville, IL 62025

and be received by 5:00 pm October 15, 2013.
3. The minimum bid that will be accepted is $47,000
4. The highest bidder will be contacted by phone and/or email.
5. Closing will be held at the Edwardsville office of Sandberg Phoenix & Von Gontard at a time and date to be mutually
agreed upon by the parties.
6. All closing costs will be paid by the buyer
7. Full payment must be made by wire transfer or bank check at closing.
8. The DLPOA will issue a Quit Claim Deed at closing

Below are PDFS for:


Dunlap Adult Fishing Tournament Scheduled

Dunlap Lake Association’s 5th Annual Adult Fishing Tournament will be Oct. 20th (check in at 5:30 – 6:00 am $25 per person).

All boats meet at Walt’s House Across from E-8.

Please pre-register at waltheckwalt@gmail.com so we can get an idea of how many people we will have.

  • There will be PLAQUES FOR 1ST, 2ND, AND 3RD. (TWO OF EACH FOR EACH FISHERMAN) You will want to display these in your offices, work, or at home when/if you win it all! In addition, the largest bass caught from the day wins a plaque.
  • CASH PRIZES – What’s a fishing tourney without winning some cash? This will depend on how many boats. All money paid in goes back to 1st and 2nd place. In addition, the biggest bass caught from the day gets a cash prize. It is $25.00 per person or $50.00 a boat.
  • COFFEE, DOUGHNUTS AND A CAMP FIRE – Let’s get everyone started at check in with some junk food! Thanks Dunlap association.
  • BRATS AND DRINKS – Fishing is hard work ….We will have brats and possibly smoked meat BBQ sandwiches prepared by Todd McClew for lunch with potato salad, chips and other stuff to eat. A variety of sodas and junk food. Due to legal issues please BYB.
  • TROPHY CEREMONY Nobody will know who has won this tourney until the trophy ceremony when we come back in for the day. Bring your ear plugs…we will have a mega phone (my mouth) to announce the real pro’s on this lake. I do know this…everyone has a legitimate shot at winning this tournament. You will also be featured on this site and the Dunlap Lake Association Facebook page.