Ice Gets Rid of Unwanted Shad

The Fish and Wildlife committee chair. Walt Heck, wants everyone to know that the dead fish we are seeing are not a problem to the Dunlap Lake fish population. Oxygen levels in certain coves were low because of the ice. This killed some of the weakest fish in the lake, mostly the massive numbers of foreign shad we have been needing to get rid of for some time now.

We understand this quantity of fish will be a problem both to you and to the lake if they are left to decay. Residents are encouraged to get the dead fish off their shoreline. If you want Critter Control to do it you may want to go in with neighbors to pay the fees. A service call is $159 and it is $80 an hour per tech. If you want them to haul the fish away it is $125 per truck and that includes landfill fee. Some people are just burying them. Walt recommends it be at least 14″ deep so animals don’t dig it back up.