April Board Meeting April 25

Dunlap Lake Property Owners Association Board Meeting
7 pm, April 25, 2016 at 840 East Lake Drive

April 25, 2016

1. Roll call

2. Approval of minutes— March 28, 2016

3. Guest comments:

4. Old Business

5. Financial Report

6. Committee Reports

a. Common Areas – Lee

b. Dam Maintenance – Mike

c. Fireworks-Mike

d. Fish and Wildlife-Walt

e. Legal – Al

f. Meetings, Elections & Social – Jim

g. Restrictions – Roy

h. Safety – Mark

i. Silt & Erosion –Craig

j. Web Page – Todd

k. Building – Andy

7. Manager’s Report

8. New Business – Next Meeting ??

9. Adjournment

Learn About The HOME Act

National Community Association News
Consider asking your legislator to co-sponsor the HOME Act

On March 3rd, Representatives Eshoo (D-CA) and Representative Thompson (D-CA) introduced the Helping Our Middle-Income Earners (HOME) Act, H. R. 4696. This bill allows for an income tax deduction for homeowners association assessments and fees. You can read more about it by clicking here to see the Community Association Institute’s advocacy center website.

Upcoming Events

Night-time Boat Parade
Decorate your boat with lights and join the fun at
8:30 pm Friday, May 27

Luau Potluck
Our annual summer
kick-off celebration will be
6 pm Saturday May 28th

Kids Fishing Derby 
Cool prizes for kids age 1-19
8 am Sat. June 11th

Spring Activities

There will be a lot happening around the lake this spring here’s a few things to be aware of:

  • On April 9 an Arch Helicopter will be landing at 840 East Lake Drive to do a training with the Edwardsville Fire Department Explorers. No one is hurt, please don’t approach the helicopter.
  • The Association will have a common area stick and trash pickup for items that have washed up on commons areas over the winter. Just pile it up close to the road and we’ll send someone out to pick it up.
  • Committee members needed – At the last board meeting committee chairs were selected and committees were formed. If you are interested in serving on a committee this year or helping with one event please reply to let us know.
  • Calling Master Gardeners – Several residents have expressed an interest in planting flowers or sprucing up landscape on commons areas but would like direction. Please talk to Genie Manterfield or Carolyn Green if you want to help direct efforts or just volunteer.
  • Lawn care chemicals increase algae growth exponentially. Don’t let your lawn care company put anything within 25 feet of the shore. Chemicals will wash the rest of the way down. 

Muskrat Intervention

April 18-30 Dunlap Lake will be working with the USDA’s APHIS Wildlife Services to conduct a lake-wide wildlife damage management program to get rid of the Muskrats that have been collapsing shorelines.

Trapping sites will be marked with signs. Please keep children and pets away from all marked areas. 

If you know of an active den and have not contacted Carolyn please e-mail Carolyn at carolyn@dunlaplake.org.

    This is a one-time only effort. To keep muskrats from over populating again we need residents to learn how to self-manage the problem. Reply to this e-mail if you or a family member would be willing to attend informal training sessions with USDA experts to learn how to deal with muskrats in the future.
Muskrats are primarily vegetarian and they nest on the shoreline. Big holes back away from the water or animals leaving 
muscle shells are probably groundhogs or raccoons. Local vendors like Critter Control (618) 655-9570 can help with those.

To learn more about muskrats see www.biokids.umich.edu/critters/Ondatra_zibethicus/. 

New Board Members Elected

Our community is more than just a neighborhood. Collectively, our regular annual assessments amount to thousands of dollars that need to be budgeted carefully and spent wisely. The neighbors who have volunteered and been elected to serve on the Association’s board are responsible for making critical decisions on our behalf about managing the community and our money.

The six new board members elected at the annual meeting are:

  • 1 year term – Greg Brumitt 
  • 3 year terms – Lee Frea, Patrick Hill, Alan Ortbals, Todd Smith, Michael Watts

The board’s decisions can have a significant impact on the community’s appearance and on our property values. They oversee our professional manager and are ultimately is responsible for overseeing association operations. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to serve and everyone who voted.

Feb Silt Presentation

Feb. Silt Presentation 
  Click above for Annual Meeting Slides  

The latest silt news – At the March board meeting the silt and erosion committee reported that the engineers have drafted plans to run slurry lines under East Lake Drive to the retention basin. Once the plans receive initial approval from the City and the Corps of Engineers the engineers can proceed with pric

March Board Meeting

The meeting was held at 7 pm on the last Monday of the month at 840 East Lake Drive. Items not covered earlier in the newsletter include:

  • 2016 officers will be: Alan Ortbals-president; Michael Watts-vice president; Craig Louer-secretary; Rick Welle-treasurer.
  • The budget was approved as presented to membership.
  • $22,000 was allocated to dam maintenance and $22,000 to lake maintenance reserves.
  • Assessments will continue to be a flat rate of $500 with a $1.00 fee for parkway rental.
  • Alternate vendors for financial management are being considered. The finance committee is looking into companies with more payment options that do not co-mingle HOA funds.
  • Lee Frea was selected as the new commons committee chair.
  • 4 building permits have been issued.


Know Your Neighbor

Greg Brumitt

   How long have you lived at Dunlap Lake? Two years. The first year was in a rental while we were remodeling our house.
   What brought you here? In a sense, I’m coming back to my hometown. My Dad’s family is from Edwardsville, and I went to school here until 3rd grade.
   Why did you agree to serve on the board? We love living here and have made an investment in our home and want the neighborhood and the lake to be taken care of and to be an asset to the community. We just want to help out where we can.
   Where do you work? Wendy and I both own our businesses. Wendy co-owns an IT/MEP engineering and planning firm that works primarily with airports and hospitals, etc. www.faithgroupllc.com  I consult with park districts, non-profits, and communities on a quality of life and active lifestyle development. www.activestrategies.net
   Do you have work or other experience you think will be helpful to the community? Yes, I spent the second half of my career working in the community on park and conservation initiatives. I have some experience with river restoration and watershed protection.
   What’s something people may not know? I love to build natural surface trails and mountain bike
   Who would star in a movie about your life?  Bruce Willis with some of his hair
   If you could have dinner with any two people (living or dead), who would they be? Franklin and Teddy Roosevelt. They seem to be such gregarious men who both had a big impact on our country. My backup would be both my grandfathers.
   Activities that bring joy life? Anything outdoor recreation.
   Favorite thing about living here? Watching the lake change from season to season. There is always something happening outside our windows
   Is there something you want people to know? Dunlap Lake and its health are so key to our quality of life and the value of our neighborhood and homes. We have to take care of it!
   Is there family you want to mention? Wendy and I love being on the lake and look forward to moving from the “remodeling our house phase” of our lives to the “hanging out on the lake phase”.