Boat Parade Moved to Sunday

Weather forecast moves Lighted Boat Parade and Social to 8:30 pm Sunday

It sounds like tonight is not going to work for the lighted boat parade. The event has been moved to 8:30 pm Sunday, May 28 at the underwater bridge by the Barnett boat ramp.

This gives you an extra day to decorate, gather friends to watch from a common area, or to call or text Carolyn at 791-1398 to find boats that still have space.

All residents, their family and their friends are welcome. You can park at 113 West Lake Drive if arriving by car or on foot.

Boat Parade is Saturday May 27– Rain Date Sunday

Memorial Day Weekend

Lighted Boat Parade

113 W. Lake Drive if arriving by land

Underwater Bridge at boat ramp if by sea


Boats will take off at about 8:30 pm from the underwater bridge in the Barnett boat ramp cove. After circling the lake counter-clockwise boats will return and tie up at the party lot across from 113 West Lake Drive.

  • Bring your own picnic, snacks and/or drinks
  • Have a flashlight and a lawn chair

Port-a-potty, tiki torches, and posts to tie up your boat along the shoreline are already in place.

Please invite neighbors who do not have boats to join you. Anyone wishing to be on a boat can text Carolyn at 791-1398 to find boats looking for a crew. Neigborhoods are encouraged to congregate on commons areas (note they are all well-marked now) and then come over to 113 W. Lake at the close of the parade.

In the event of rain, the event will be moved to Sunday. Call or text Carolyn Green if you have questions. 

Commons Cleanup May 20-21

This weekend is the designated “Commons Cleanup” time. There are no organized efforts but everyone is encouraged to help clean up the areas they use. Any driftwood or trash collected can be piled up close to the road. Our landscape company will be doing a pick up this week.


Dunlap Lake Future Events

May 20 – Commons Cleanups
(sticks picked up before Memorial Day)
June 17 – Kids Fishing Derby
July 6 – Dam Cleanup Day, 6pm
(a great chance to see how dam & spillway work)
July 8 – Fireworks on the Dam

Sparkle Time — Lighted Boat Parade Returns

Lighted Boat Parade — 8:30 p.m. Sat. May 27 — No luau this year but the boat parade is back by popular demand. Boats will meet by the Barnett boat ramp and proceed counterclockwise around the lake at dark.

We return to the lot in front of 113 W. Lake Drive, by the underwater bridge, for an awards ceremony.

Bring chairs or snacks, port-a-potty provided.Invite neighbors to join you in decorating a boat or set up viewing parties on your shore or at a nearby common area.

Boats who need a crew can post on Facebook or email  so all residents can join in. If you are not decorating please consider volunteering to serve as a judge.


Flooding Issues

If anyone had flooding issues document it so we can get it to Madison County storm water department. You can put photos on Facebook or send them to Carolyn Green at