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Water Testing

DLPOA July 5, 2017 Water Test

DLPOA July 18, 2016 Water Test

DLPOA Aug. 17, 2015 Water Test

DLPOA Sept. 11, 2014 Water Test

DLPOA August 2010 Water Testing Notes

DLPOA August 16, 2010 Water Test

DLPOA August 30. 2010 Water Test

Current Financial Reports are on the owner portal at www.cpmgateway.com

2014 Finance Reports

March through December 2014 Finance Report

September 2014 Finance Report

Mid-Year Financial Report

2014 Budget

2013 Finance Reports

October 2013 Finance Report

May 2013 Finance Report

April 2013 Finance Report

February 2013 Finance Report

2012 Finance Reports

December 2012 Finance Report

October 2012 Finance Report

Summer 2012 Finance Report

Fiscal Year Reports

DLPOA Fiscal Vs. Actual Report: March – October 2014

DLPOA End of Fiscal Year Financial Report


Click here to see the 2016 Annual Meeting Silt Presentation.

Building Permit Application


2016 Annual Meeting Silt Presentation

Common Lake Water Parameters


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